A Year With My Camera // Shutter Speed

Good afternoon and Happy Saturday!

This week we studied shutter speed and learned how the slower the curtain closes, the more blurry a moving subject looks on a photo; and the quicker the curtain closes, the more clear/sharp the image looks (even though the subject is moving). I realize I am not talking in proper photography terms, but in terms that will be easy for me to understand and remember later if I stop taking pictures for a few years again. (Insert- hopefully not!)

As I was trying to find something moving to photograph for my assignment, I would have loved to take photos of great big snowflakes falling. Unfortunately, right now in Clarkston it is 19 degrees and snowing tiny snowflakes that wouldn’t be easily visible. I needed to show the results using different shutter speeds.

Long story short, the only thing moving in this household at the moment is the t.v. (not really) or my husband, who got on the treadmill two days in a row! Yay!

(SLOW) shutter 1/30th, f2.8, ISO 1250 (Canon 6D, Sigma 50mm)
(FAST) shutter 1/1250th, f1.4, ISO 1250 (Canon 6D, Sigma 50mm)

Okay, my turn to get on the machine.
See you soon and thanks for tuning in.

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A Year With My Camera //Aperture

One of my goals this year is to spend time getting more comfortable with my Canon 6D camera. Since my phone takes such great pictures I had gotten out of the habit of taking photos with my DSLR (real camera). I invested quite a bit of money in fancy lenses a couple of years ago, so I thought I had better start using them. And I’m excited to learn to take them in “manual mode” as opposed to just snapping pictures without even thinking about what I am doing. I want to pretend I’m a photographer!

I’m taking an online photography class and it’s already so much fun!

This week we talked a lot about Aperture. For our homework assignment we were to take a photo where we used our lowest aperture setting (the highest f-stop) with the other settings on “Auto.” Then we were to take a photo with our lens wide open (lower f-stop), resulting in a blurred background. I think I have a pretty clear understanding of Aperture.


Canon 6D, 50mm lens, f 9.0, shutter speed 1/4, ISO 1250

Canon 6D, 50mm lens, f 1.4, shutter speed 1/160, ISO 1250